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Why PeriscopelQ?

PeriscopeIQ is dedicated to improving your company’s customer and employee experience management. Multi-unit business customers with locations in the US and around the world choose PeriscopeIQ as their partner for the following key reasons:

Turnkey, Managed Solutions

PeriscopeIQ provides fully-managed solutions on a turnkey basis, including: unlimited user licenses for its fully-automated, world-class software platform; an experienced engagement team that customizes the solution so each customer receives exactly the type of information they want; the design, testing and conducting of different types of surveys; customized analysis and reporting to meet each customer’s specific needs and objectives; fully secure and reliable IT infrastructure; US-based customer support. All of our solutions are fully-hosted SaaS solutions.

Omni-Listening Platform

Unlike most customer experience management solutions that only gather information from a subset of customer touch points, PeriscopeIQ’s advanced, proprietary platform is uniquely capable of listening to customer feedback and opinions at every customer touch point and channel. Using this capability, we can listen to our customers’ consumers, employees, and competitors. Our platform then takes a unified view of the structured feedback (i.e., survey-guided data) as well as the unstructured feedback (i.e., data gathered from social media channels and inbound call centers).

Science-Driven Methodology

PeriscopeIQ’s platform and methodology are scientifically-driven to ensure all the data gathered and analyzed have integrity, validity, reliability and sample size so that the actionable insights and reports produced will indeed result in the desired business outcomes for our customers. PeriscopeIQ has integrated and optimized about a dozen proprietary algorithms and screens within the platform to ensure an extremely high degree of confidence in delivering superior outcomes.

360-Degree Analytics & Insights

The analytics and insights engine in PeriscopeIQ’s platform has the unique capability of performing advanced data analytics on the structured and unstructured data received and generating 360-degree insights.

Superior Outcomes

PeriscopeIQ focuses on delivering performance improvements in measurable business results. Many of our customers measure success in terms of overall customer experience, customer engagement, customer loyalty and/or customer satisfaction score. Through long-term partnerships with PeriscopeIQ, many of these customers have become scoreboard leaders within their respective peer groups. Some of our customers measure their success by improving their organizational Customer Centricity Score by focusing on the engagement of their employees, customers and support infrastructure. For these customers, partnerships with PeriscopeIQ have resulted in the creation of specially-designed online games, training programs, and incentive and performance programs so that the entire organization can be better aligned to maximize customer centricity and achieve the highest customer engagement and loyalty scores. For our B2B enterprise customers who define success as an improvement in sales, PeriscopeIQ’s omni-listening and analytics solutions have been successfully used by and applied to those customers’ sales forces, channel partners, field distributors, and agent channels to maximize sales potential.

Compelling Value Proposition

PeriscopeIQ offers the most compelling value proposition among its peers. We have the most advanced platform that gives us a unified view of feedback received from survey-guided methods as well as social media and call centers. We have the most experienced engagement teams that collaborate and work under the customer’s direction to implement the desired solutions. We offer fully customizable surveys, reports, and support as required by each customer’s unique needs. Customers can designate specific employees to be given full and unlimited access to all reports so that customers can review reports as often as they like. PeriscopeIQ’s solution requires zero IT involvement on the part of the customer to deploy, and our customers do not need to hire any additional staff because our engagement teams act as extensions of their in-house staff. All of this amounts to PeriscopeIQ offering the best value for achieving your business objectives!

Smart Metrics

PeriscopeIQ designs “smart” metrics that are tied to actual business performance. Our use of smart, custom, complex, yet easy-to-understand metrics is one of the reasons behind our customers’ success. Metrics allow everyone in a company, from the CEO to entry-level workers, to be on the same page, speak a common language and quickly understand how the company is doing today, how it has improved (or declined), and how far off the organization is from its targets. We don’t simply average a few responses together and give it a score. We start by factoring in complex relationships between questions, respondents, geographies, and other factors. The PeriscopeIQ platform allows complex weightings and calculations to be completed instantly and immediately. Despite the complexity, we still generate simple metrics that are easy to understand. Our smart metrics are hierarchical, so people throughout your organization can see and understand exactly how the metrics apply to their own responsibilities. We also compare metrics to industry benchmarks or existing client benchmarks. Each metric is normalized to a scale of 1-100.

Blue Chip Customers

Our base of highly-satisfied, Blue Chip US and global enterprise customers are a testimony to the compelling value we deliver to them on a continuous basis. We are dedicated to our customers’ success and strive to consistently exceed their expectations.

Highly Experienced Engagement Teams

PeriscopeIQ prides itself on the experience and expertise of the team members assigned to each of our customers. We only hire experienced personnel who are extensively trained on our platform and solutions before they are assigned to any of our engagement teams. Our experience has shown that highly trained team members produce superior and faster results for our customers.