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Solutions Portfolio

PeriscopeIQ offers a diverse portfolio of customer experience, employee engagement and loyalty management solutions that deliver actionable intelligence and insights on the customers, employees and brands of our multi-unit enterprise clients.

clicnet-1 Customer Experience

Your customers are your most valuable asset! PeriscopeIQ’s job is to increase the value of that asset by increasing your number of customers, making them active advocates of your business, and improving your customers’ experience and loyalty, all of which impacts how much and how frequently they buy from you. Through our insights, we answer many of your questions, such as: Do you really know your customers? Do you know if you have met their needs? Were their interactions and transactions with your organization easy, positive and pleasant? How are they interacting and engaging with you? How do you really know if you have captured their sentiments, influenced their thinking and changed their behaviors? Answers to these questions and many more go beyond traditional market and segmentation research. Utilizing our omni-channel listening strategy, our proprietary technology platform and our scientific methods, we are able to bring order to your understanding of your customers through such metrics as net promoter score (NPS), net effort score, integrated composite experience scores, and many others. PeriscopeIQ delivers a unifying view of your customers in insightful, 360-degree reporting dashboards. Our solutions maximize the following:

Customer Experience: Capturing and understanding the experience of your customers is a strategic imperative! As executives are becoming more and more aware, customers are more empowered today than at any other time in the history of business. PeriscopeIQ offers a comprehensive approach to measuring the voice of the customer across all touch points that translates to actionable insights that drive business performance.

Customer Engagement: An engaged customer is a satisfied brand advocate! In order to create more brand advocates, many companies are turning to PeriscopeIQ’s Customer Engagement Management Solution to better understand customer thinking, behaviors and sentiments.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction drives business performance. PeriscopeIQ’s Customer Satisfaction Management Solution not only delivers overall customer satisfaction scores on a scale of 1-100, we also score each individual component that drives a customer’s overall satisfaction in order to gain a deeper level understanding.

Customer Feedback: Customer feedback is the “sweet spot” of business. Without it, companies limp through their life cycles. At PeriscopeIQ, we help companies refresh and rejuvenate their health barometer by delivering “sweet spot” feedback scores.

Customer Intelligence: Customer intelligence helps you understand who your customers are, what they want, how they perceive your business and how they will engage with you. At PeriscopeIQ, customer intelligence is the foundation for the insights and business outcomes we deliver using our proprietary platform and scientific methodologies.

Customer Loyalty: Nothing speaks louder than loyalty! At PeriscopeIQ, we use an omni-channel strategy to listen to the voice of customers so that we can not only capture and analyze their sentiments but also amplify the volume of the positive, thereby creating a loyal customer base.

Social Customer Engagement Management: Over the past five years, social media channels have exploded! In fact, there is so much buzz across the different channels that news has become “noise.” At PeriscopeIQ, we bring order to this vortex and use social media feedback to create intelligent reporting that harnesses customer insights.

clicnet-1 Employee Insights

Like customers, employees are valuable assets to any business. They spend most of their waking life in your organization working to create value. They know what goes on in their environments. Do you listen to them? Have you tapped into their knowledge, experience and intelligence? Do you know if they are happy with policies, procedures, compensation, leadership, teamwork and the work they do? Simply stated, are they engaged? And, most importantly, how engaged are they with your customers? PeriscopeIQ answers these questions by providing solutions that maximize the following:

Employee Engagement: Engaged employees lead to engaged customers. This combination leads to customer centricity. Using PeriscopeIQ’s powerful platform, employee engagement maps can be drawn at every level of an organization. These maps identify strengths, areas of opportunity and hold everyone accountable for building a culture centered on delivering consistently positive customer experience.

Customer Centricity: A customer-centric culture is a key ingredient for customer retention and acquisition. PeriscopeIQ provides an ongoing “pulse of centricity” by providing answers to critical business questions, such as: Are employees engaged with customers? Have they taken ownership of customer journeys? Do employees display discretionary efforts to engage customers? Are employees empowered to influence the customer experience? Are your organizational policies, employee performance goals, processes and support systems aligned and focused on the customer?

Customer Centricity Score: Do you know how customer-centric your organization is as a whole? The future industry leaders will be the companies with the highest customer centricity scores. Developed by PeriscopeIQ, “Customer Centricity Score” is a proprietary index that is measured on a scale of 1-100. The index is a weighted score of several factors, including customer experience, employee engagement, and the policies, processes and systems supporting customer focus. Our solutions measure the alignment gaps between these three pillars that impact an organization’s customer centricity.

Employee Feedback: Because many employees work on the front lines interacting directly with customers, they become the “listening and voice centers” of an organization. Asking them to provide input on important matters of products, service delivery, customer service and support processes and infrastructure is essential for success. The best way to leverage the wisdom of employees is through regular feedback. There is no better foundation for operational improvements than soliciting employee participation in organizational development.

Employee Loyalty: An engaged employee is a loyal employee, and an army of loyal employees is a competitive advantage that makes competition irrelevant. PeriscopeIQ’s solutions deliver employee insights to improve employee loyalty.

Employee Productivity: Business health and performance depend on the productivity of your employees and business partners, including sales channel partners, distributors, franchisees, etc. When employee and business partner productivity is low, do you know why? Is it because of skills gaps? Is it because employees/partners are not dedicated to fulfilling the company’s mission and values? Is it because employees/partners are disengaged? PeriscopeIQ helps you identify renewal opportunities, as well as recommend strategies to achieve renewal.

clicnet-1 Brand Insights

How do you know your brand meets the needs and aspirations of your customers? Are your brand attributes relevant and compelling? Do you measure brand experience by listening to social media feedback? How does your brand compare to those of the competing brands? At PeriscopeIQ, we provide solutions that answer these questions and maximize the following:

Brand Intelligence: Like customer and employee intelligence, knowledge of how your brand is perceived by customers is crucial to your business’s success. This intelligence changes continually based on customer preferences and competitive choices, and brands have to anticipate such changes in order to stay relevant. Using the PeriscopeIQ platform, we deliver solutions and programs of excellence to gather and analyze brand intelligence and help businesses operationalize the recommendations.

Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty is advocacy, and you want to maintain that advocacy throughout the customer life cycle. PeriscopeIQ will help you identify the minimum standards to achieve loyalty.

Brand Experience: Positive experiences with brands build trust, and trust is central to your company’s reputation. When the trust index is high, customers buy more. PeriscopeIQ helps you understand what to deliver in terms of price, value, quality, timeliness, speed, accuracy, consistency, courtesy, and respect in order to establish a trusted relationship with your customers that will maximize lifetime customer value.