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Our Platform

PeriscopeIQ has developed a revolutionary, integrated business intelligence platform complete with unique omni-listening capabilities, advanced customized dashboard and reporting features, and big data predictive analytics. We have embedded over 15-years of customer experience management expertise into our platform’s technology, which drives scientifically robust and strategically relevant outcomes. Our platform was custom-built from the ground up with a single goal in mind: delivering actionable business intelligence, insights and customizable dashboards and reports to our customers.

Our platform has the following four main modules that work seamlessly with one another:

Omni-Listening Module

Next Generation

We recently updated our platform from a purely survey-driven feedback platform to an omni-listening platform, which is essential for any company wanting to assess customer experiences in multiple channels. Our omni-listening capability now incorporates real-time social media listening from a variety of social media channels as well as call center listening using text mining techniques. Altogether, our customers can now receive 360-degree integrated customer feedback.

Analytics and Insights Module

Data by itself does not inform important business decisions, key customer experience metrics do. This module takes the data output obtained from the omni-listening module and allows our customers to perform a variety of advanced business analytics on the data in order to generate actionable business intelligence.

Customers can use our system to perform analytics on-demand using a wide variety of different variables, weights and metrics. Different, “what if” scenarios can also be used to deep dive into the data. Plus, because our system is entirely online, our customers can access and perform analytics in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Dashboard and Reporting Module

Our dashboard and reporting module is specifically designed to be highly versatile, flexible, intuitive and simple-to-use. Any of the authorized platform users can design and configure their dashboards on-demand without requiring any training. The users can view select reports involving survey-driven data and data from social media and call centers all unified on one dashboard.

The dashboard and reporting module not only features a library of dozens of standard reports applicable to most multi-unit enterprises in different industry segments, but the platform also allows the users to generate customized reports for their specific needs on-demand. PeriscopeIQ’s reporting module allows secure access for users in different business units, at different geographical locations, and at different hierarchy levels. Almost all of our reports export directly to Excel or PowerPoint.

Big Data Module

This platform module allows users to perform big data predictive analytics and other behavioral pattern analysis using their stored data obtained through other modules. In many cases, this capability is also used by market research analysts, operations analysts, and other functional groups within our customers’ organizations.

Using this platform, PeriscopeIQ designs, deploys and manages surveys for one or all customer touch points easily. Once initially configured to the customer’s unique requirements, customers can then use the platform on their own without PeriscopeIQ’s involvement. The platform supports 143 languages. With its extensive flow control, features such as skips and piping are just a click away. Customers can design custom questions or select from PeriscopeIQ’s extensive database of questions. We even hired psychologists to study the behavior of respondents and designed our layout to maximize response rates and accuracy. You might say we’re obsessed with making our platform easy to use!

Across all of the industries we serve and the solutions we offer, the PeriscopeIQ feedback platform understands the technicalities, nuances, rules and language of the people who will be using it. Using this platform, PeriscopeIQ conducts millions of surveys per year in more than 80 countries.