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Our Story

Co-founded in 1999 by Dr. Pawan Singh and Dr. Mohamed Latib, PeriscopeIQ, Inc. began with a vision of developing a revolutionary experience platform focused on customer and employee engagement management that would help US and global multi-unit enterprises become highly customer-centric organizations. At that time, customer engagement management was more of a concept than a reality, and PeriscopeIQ succeeded in becoming a pioneer and an early catalyst in making customer and employee engagement an integral part of strategic thinking in corporate executive suites.

PeriscopeIQ continues to maintain its high-end appeal by providing high-impact, managed, turnkey solutions using its proprietary, industry-leading, fully-automated software platform. PeriscopeIQ prides itself on being a trusted partner with all of its customers in the pursuit of making those customers leaders in the areas of customer experience, engagement and loyalty scores in their respective peer groups.

PeriscopeIQ’s innovation-driven service portfolio includes advanced web-based, social-media and call center solutions that transform customer and employee feedback into actionable insights. We apply a uniquely integrated and holistic approach to ensure the measurement of customer and employee feedback from surveys, social media channels and call center touch points is valid, robust and reliable. Our proprietary solutions are completely customizable and delivered with unparalleled reporting and on-demand analytical capabilities.

PeriscopeIQ has conducted and received more than 15 million surveys in more than 100 different languages in more than 80 countries. Our platform seamlessly supports 143 languages and all global currencies.

Having started in the small town of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, PeriscopeIQ is now headquartered in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, and has expanded its geographical presence by opening a field offices in Reston, Virginia, Denver. CO, and San Leandro, CA. Further expansion is planned in the future.

  • PeriscopeIQ Headquarters

    Coopersburg, PA

  • PeriscopeIQ Field Sales Office

    Reston, VA